Welcome to Strong Spirit. We offer Kundalini Yoga and Reiki Healing around the Surrey area.

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  • Emma is a gifted spiritual healer and yoga teacher whom I feel privileged to know and work with for almost 7 years.
    Yoga with Emma is transformative, suitable for all ages, abilities and level of fitness.
    Her classes are unique, Emma can see the energy field and structure of the body. She simultaneously helps you raise your energy frequency leaving you rebalanced, calm and rejuvenated. 
    With a unique understanding of individual needs the great healer will help you practically and energetically leaving you calm and returned
    I thoroughly recommend Emma .
    Any session with Emma will leave you recharged and radiant 

    Pauline Anne Withers
    (Healer, Hypnotist, yoga teacher)

    # kundalini grounds, strengthens the core, opens the heart and raises your energy to the highest level 

    Pauline Anne Withers

  • Kundalini Yoga with Emma Close is Unmissable

    I feel so fortunate that Emma introduced me to kundalini yoga three years ago and I have been practicing weekly in her classes ever since. I can truthfully say that it has changed my life. I am physically and mentally fitter, stronger and calmer. I always leave Emma’s sessions feeling so much better than when I arrived. She develops a peaceful, supportive and encouraging atmosphere which immediately improves my mood and sense of well-being. The classes are a complete experience for both mind and body combining meditation and mindfulness with physical exercises which Emma makes accessible to all whether an elite athlete or someone like me who has previously disliked any physical exercise. For me, going weekly to Emma’s kundalini class has a very high priority.

    Angela Mukhopadhyay OBE.

    Angela Mukhopadhyay OBE.

  • I’ve taken part in several of Emma’s Kundalini sessions at Champneys Forest mere.

    Emma is a warm friendly professional instructor her sessions are delivered with love kindness and compassion, making you feel safe and nurtured throughout the session.

    I always felt like I was experiencing healing during her Kundalini practice and my life stresses would disperse during her classes.

    I highly recommend Emma to be a truly gifted Kundalini instructor and guarantee you will enjoy a magical class!

    Namaste. Carla xxx