Kundalini yoga

Known as the yoga of awareness, kundalini is meditational in its nature bringing you to a state of being and sense of self. Open to all using breath, postures, mantra, meditation and relaxation.

Available for private sessions or shared classes at The white Eagle Lodge, Liss hampshire

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One thought on “Kundalini yoga

  1. Dear Emma

    I was lucky enough to take part in one of your classes, at Champney’s/ Forest Mere, last week.

    I have ‘google stalked’ you and see that you take a class at Cowdray Hall. It’s a tricky time of year when everyone is busy with Christmas and courses are either coming to a close regarding the festive season, or taking a sabbatical for a few weeks until the New Year.

    I had never tried Kundalini yoga before your class – and I absolutely loved it. It is what I’ve been looking for all this time.

    I’ve left my details here and would love to hear from you (when you next pick up your messages) and join you, once again, in one of your classes

    Warmest best wishes,

    Sally Smith


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